Basic tips for choosing a rose toy?


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01 what is the rose toy?

02 Why do you need to have it?

03 How should I choose a rose toy?

04 Where can I buy rose toy?

In the past two years, the rose toy suddenly became a hit on TikTok and quickly spread all over the Internet. One blogger posted a video about it, quickly reaching 10 million views. What a concept! Aren’t you curious about this surprising response? Are you sure you don’t want to know more about this sex toy? Next, I’ll reveal this rose toy to see what’s so wonderful and give you the most comprehensive shopping guide!

First, understand what is rose toy.

When you first look at it, it’s hard to associate it with a sex toy. As its name suggests, it is an intoxicating rose. It is such an inconspicuous rose that thousands of women are attracted. Its material is so soft that you won’t feel uncomfortable when it comes in contact with your sex organ. I will mention its specific material later when I introduce how to pick the rose sex toy. Unlike the dildo design, it is a non-insert design. It mainly stimulates your clitoris or vulva to give you pleasure or orgasm. There is a hole in the centre of the rose, which is its key design. It works by sucking and vibrating. You can try to align your clitoris to its hole and then flip the switch; you will find fascinating pleasure! It has various working settings. Sucking strength from high to low and vibration intensity from low to high, you can match the settings that suit you at will.

Why do you need to have it?

Once you know about the rose flower toy and still think it’s right for you or your friends and family, let’s continue.

If you are single

if you do not have a sex life and want to experience the pleasure of sex, then do not miss rose adult toy. Buy one.

A fun gift

If you and your partner can’t find that freshness and passion of earlier years, why not bring rose toys into your lives? A great adult toy can always be a lubricant for your sex life. Just like how can you have a perfect meal without dessert? But remember that a rose toy should not be a substitute for a partner. How can a toy replace our intimate relationship with our partner?

A delicate and dripping red rose

If you value privacy and don’t want others to know you bought a sex toy to enjoy, then the rose toy is made for you. Imagine that you put a rose ornament on the bedside table in your bedroom, isn’t that normal? Who would think it’s a sex toy? It’s just a work of art.

How to choose a rose toy

Many people shop for sex toys for the first time and don’t know how to pick them. If you want to get a rose toy, here are my guidelines. Certainly, it applies to the purchase of other sex toys.


Sex toys are products that come into direct contact with our sexual organs, so be sure to choose safe materials. Many unscrupulous businesses use poor-quality materials containing BPA, PVC and phthalates to make sex toys. Prolonged use of such toys can stimulate your secretion system and lead to endocrine disorders. Therefore, try to avoid buying these products. If you do not know how to distinguish the material of these products, you can smell them because some poor-quality materials will give off a pungent smell. Do not be greedy for cheap; usually, cheap is not good. Buy genuine products through regular channels to protect your experience.

Easy to clean

Excellent products must also be clean and cared for; otherwise, it is easy to breed bacteria that affect the body’s health. We also do not recommend buying rose toys made of porous materials because they have many tiny holes harbouring millions of harmful microorganisms. The best material on the market for making rose toys is silicone. Because silicone is a non-porous structure, cleaning and disinfection are easy. Just rinse with soapy water, then dry and keep in a cool place.

Reasonable price

Now there are all kinds of rose toys on the market. Prices between $50-$80 are reasonable. Again, don’t buy shoddy products to save those few dollars, or you will regret it!

If you are attracted to a certain rose toy, as long as you like it and the price is reasonable, go ahead and get it!

See what buyers have to say

If you are unsure about the product, you can also look at the evaluation of other purchasers; these evaluations may be helpful to you.

Where can I buy a rose toy?

After seeing this, you already want to quickly choose a rose toy that belongs to you or give your partner and partner such a mysterious gift. You can go to ootyemo to buy it. This store meets all the above requirements. , safe material, confidential transportation, perfect after-sales service and various styles! There are more colours to choose from!

Sex toys are wonderful, and everyone has the right to enjoy them. I hope this article will help you to buy rose toys.

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