How to choose a floral maxi dress?

Choose A Dress For An Occasion!!!


The summer is fast approaching. And with it comes the need to find a perfect dress for various occasions. But what type of dress do you wear? What style should it be? How can you make sure that your outfit will look fashionable and not too casual or formal? There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right summer dress like a floral maxi dress, luckily we’re here to help!

Choose the best one!

1). Consider your body shape: If you have an hourglass figure, this would show off nicely in a floral maxi dress because it emphasizes curves and elongates your frame.

2). The style you want to achieve: There are many styles of dresses. You can choose between casual, sophisticated, minimalistic or bold – depending on your personality and the occasion.

3) What fabric should be used: Choose materials that flatter your body shape! opt for those which avoid making you appear bigger than what you already are. Fabric such as cotton gives little support to large busts and those which are curvy hence making you look bigger and shapeless.

4) The make-up: You can highlight the dress’ floral pattern with simple make-up such as red lipstick, heavy eyeliner and powdery blush on your cheeks.

5) Flowy or fitted? This all depends on how you want your body to appear: If you have straight lines then you might want to wear a fitted maxi dress which will accentuate your shape for an elegant appeal.

Create your own!

You can create your own floral maxi dress using materials you already have at home just follow these steps:

  1. Gather the following items: 1-2 pieces of cotton or polyester fabric, 2-3 yards of ribbon, scissors, thread, and a needle.
  2. Cut the fabric in half down the middle. The length should be about inches longer than you need it to be to cover your legs when it is worn.
  3. Position both pieces of fabric on top of each other with the wrong sides facing out (you will see the white cotton or polyester side). Make sure the two pieces are lined up evenly for this step. For instance, one piece should not be shorter than the other.
  4. Pin the fabric together and sew a straight line {Length} inches from the bottom of both pieces, making sure to leave one end open so that you can turn them right side out at the end of this step.
  5. After sewing, cut along the sewn line on top of the fabric. Make your stitches as even as possible so they are not visible from the outside when finished with the project.
  6. Turn your fabric right-side out–it is now time to sew the opening closed so that everything will stay in place when finished with the project.
  7. Now you are ready to create straps for your maxi dress! Decide how long you want each strap plus an additional {Length of} inches for seams on both sides of the dress at the end of the step. Cut two strips of fabric to make your straps using the {Length} inches you determined in the prior step.
  8. Create four straps with one strip of fabric per strap, each cut to inches long and sewn on two sides just like you did for the dress itself at the end of step 4.
  9. Once your straps are finished, attach them evenly to each of the four corners of the dress’s opening using straight pins for easy placement before sewing ends together with the backstitch method once complete. Knot or dot the end to keep stitches from coming undone.
  10. Now you are ready to wear your new maxi dress!

Wear without looking casual!

The best way to wear a floral maxi dress without looking too casual is to pair it with a tailored jacket. The key is to choose the jacket in linen, wool or chino and find one that does not look too formal. Another option if you’re feeling more daring and want to avoid the jacket is to try pairing it with a vest or blazer in lighter colours such as white or blue.

If you want to wear a floral maxi, it’s important to choose one that flatters your figure. To avoid looking overweight, select a draped design in an A-line cut. The rushing on the top layer adds volume to the bust while the slimmer waist is emphasized by the horizontal hemline band. You can also try wearing a corset belt that matches or complements your print of choice. When shopping for dresses online, be sure to read reviews from other buyers about comfort and ease of movement before buying them if comfort is more important to you than style.


We hope this article has been helpful to you as you explore the world of the floral maxi dress. Whether you want a dress for work or a night out, we know that there is something here for everyone! If it’s your first time looking into these types of dresses, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us questions!

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