A tire shop owner says that he thought an 18-wheeler was crashing into his shop when he saw something fly across the lot. It turned out to be an everyday passenger car doing cartwheels across his lot as it left parts behind. Police say that there’s little they can do about speeding cars in the area right now.

The shop owner is Alberto Piedra, the man at the helm of Crazy Tires in Greensboro, North Carolina and he says this is at least the ninth incident that affected his business. It’s by far the most violent though. The red car that we see flipping through the air end over end in the video below hit eight different cars in the Crazy Tires lot.

A snapshot from Google Street View shows a curve right around the end of the Crazy Tires property. It’s tough to say exactly how the car began its fateful gymnastics routine but it seems to come from where the curve begins. A telephone pole in the Street View image could’ve also played a role.

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For Piedra, why the accident happened or how it happened isn’t as important to him as the potential danger he feels in his space. “We’re standing right here, and I’m afraid now. I have a fear that I don’t even want to stand here because no matter what time of day, they fly,” he said to Fox News 8 while standing in his parking lot.

“Right now, it’s just cars. It’s not something I care about. I care more about a person getting hurt,” he continued. That’s not the only concern though as the wreck seen below took a bite out of his income. “I was out of power and out of internet on a Saturday, and that was one of my good days … I lost property and lost money,” he says.

Both Piedra and Fox News 8 say that they’ve reached out to the local police department and received the same answer. The authorities don’t currently have the manpower or other resources needed to better patrol the area.

Image Credit: Fox News 8