NBA Players Kneel During National Anthem on Restart Opening Night


The NBA is about to restart the 2019-2020 season after it delayed. Because of the virus now there’s going to be a lot of controversy about the NBA in a bubble in Orlando. So I’m pretty sure by now most you guys know. That the NBA is all about SJW stuff they’re all a bunch of social justice warriors over there. Those are puppets of the Chinese communist party over there and they have endorsed. The marxism to the organization known as black lives matters and on the NBA court in Orlando.

There is a black lives matter sign that will be on the court and we’ve seen it during some of the scrimmages. Already is actually pretty big but the first game is going to be taking place between the New Orleans pelicans. And the Utah jazz and we know that the NBA has a rule in place. That you must stand for the anthem when it played now. If you go back to 1993 you remember much muff do raffle refused to stand for the anthem. I can’t remember exactly what he was doing he was either sitting down on the bench or something. I don’t remember exactly that was a while ago but the NBA had a rule in place and they enforced it. And he got into some trouble for that and ever since then no NBA player has to kneel for the anthem that will change on opening night.

The Teams

So both teams supposed to surround black lives matter on the court and they’re going to kneel. During the national anthem now just won’t be players it would also be coaches is what we’re told as well. So also the NBA we’re told they’re not going to enforce the rule and my kind of figure. That they would let the rule lats at least for this season maybe even going forward. To tell you the truth because the NBA doesn’t want to come off as being unsupportive of black lives matter. Because if they do they’re going to call a bunch of races is you know. How it works and everything so the players will be able to get away with kneeling on the court.

Doing the anthem now apparently it’s supposed to be all the players for both of the teams. I don’t know I know that there are some players out there at least in the NFL. That says they will not be taking a knee now the NBA is a much more woke league right here. And I’m probably thinking it’s going to be just about all the players kneeling. Taking a knee doing anthem which I think is very very disrespectful even though they have the right. To take a knee but I do believe the fan backlash is going to be immense. Because the NBA rating man they have been declining the NBA man. They don’t seem to be about the game anymore it’s all about you know. Virtue sitting showing how woke they can be and you know.


NBA Ring Leader

The ring leader of the NBA is LeBron Jameson one of the biggest shows out there so. I can’t support the route that the NBA is going that really really hurts me. Because I’m a big-time NBA fan I love watching the NBA when it’s the game. But now it’s not about the game anymore it’s all about political messaging. And it’s interesting now that in 2016 you know the NBA the players they never took a knee at all. Never it started off in the NFL with Colin Kaepernick but ever since then no NBA player. Has taken a knee but this time I guess they feel they need to take a knee. Because if players don’t kneel then I guess they won’t they’ll give the perception that they’re not down with the cause of black lives matter.

And at this point right now black lives matter at it is at its ultimate peak right now. So the NBA they’re going to completely virtue sentinel for the marxism to the organization known as black lives matter. They support them they support communist china and when that happens together I am out. I won’t be watching this at all but anyway guys let us know what you think about all this. In the comments do you agree with both teams taking a knee doing the national anthem? I don’t want to see it I’m not going to watch it if you want to watch it that’s up to you.

But I’m proud as an American this is the best country on the planet. I will not disrespect the country that I served in the united states. I just will not do it I will never support it what so ever. But that’s your right if you want to do it so anyway guys let us know what you think about all this in the comments.

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