How to Choose Best Printing Service Provider?

Most Effective Guide on Choosing a Printer for 2021!


Can you live in a black and white world? No, you always look for a colourful solution. And that’s the reason you are here to learn how to choose best printing service provider. Let us ensure that you have landed on the right web page. As a printing and designing company, we can rightly suggest you.

For a company’s branding and marketing communications, printing is very contributory. Therefore if you need a printing solution, you must come up with impressive works. And only a reliable printing service provider can assure this.

How to Choose Best Printing Service Provider?

Your selection of a printer should be on the basis of some criteria. What are they? Okay, let us jump downright to get them in detail!

Look at the Quality of Work

Quality is above everything. Unless you create the desired impression in your potential customer, you won’t reach your vision. No matter if you need continuous or irregular printing services, you cannot compromise quality, can you? So it would help best if you short-listed printers around you and asked to see their recent sample work. Particularly, try to see such a work that reflects the specification of your project. The finishing must be standard. It would be best to check –

  • If there is any smudging of the ink – or misregistered text
  • The image resolution and whether it is clear or blurred and
  • Whether it is capable of standing out from the crowd

Look, you should not opt for a printed material that is cheap but results in vain. Whether the material is a flyer, brochure, or prototype, it must uplift your brand. Let’s say you need a hundred t-shirts by direct-to-garment method for your staff and they will use them as uniform. In that case, should you rely on low-cost below than average type shirts? No, you SHOULD NOT! After all, it’s about the branding of your company, right? Yes, a cheap solution can also rock. However, the assigned printing hub should be artistic enough to provide you with a robust production.

Verify Your Printer’s Goodwill

Goodwill is a testimony of reliability. So you had better check out the printer’s goodwill. Then how to verify if they have this essential asset? Well, you have to follow some tactics. It will be great if you –

  • Go through their website to review their client list
  • Request them to provide you with their existing customers’ references and personal recommendations
  • Search by the social media wings to check on other client experiences
  • See their printing experience
  • Find out the year of the company’s establishment

Be Careful of Cost Per Product

You may either need printing in bulk or short-run; that’s not an issue. Here in this regard, the cost per product is the most vital thing you should take into account. Let it be a win-win situation both for you and your printer. That’s OKAY, but you should neither compromise quality nor pay too much. Coming excited, if you cross the budget, you may have to suffer in other cases. There must be a balance between.

Check out Their Communication Skill

You might need non-stop printing services. That means you may need to deal with a printing company in the long run. In that case, you had better check out their communication skills. It includes not only their promptness but also courtesy.

For example, you need a same day printing service. You may not even be able to go there physically. So a printing house should have the capacity to get your language faster. Imagine you are too busy to say, and you want a quick turnaround of 6 hours. Now, if a printing hub fails to understand what you want precisely, makes a mess, and misbehaves, you cannot rely on it, can you? So it would help if you found a hub opposite to this. If and only if they become able to satisfy you and your customers, you can do business with a printer in the long run.

See If They Are Stable

In the commercial area, checking out a printer’s stability is also essential. Then what does it mean by stability? Well, it means the inclusion of human resources, logistics, efficient printing processes, and so on! Please note, it’s not only about manufacturing ability, rather from receiving an order to delivery. Many businesses need shipment service at the same time. So it would help if you checked all these matters. And no worries, you can ensure whether a printing house has these virtues from valid customer reviews and word of mouth (WOM) as well.

Investigate the Printer’s ‘Green Credentials’

Have you ever checked whether your printer manages its carbon footprint? Dear, you should. The world is now far more eco-conscious than ever before. If you approach here and there and do not ensure this, it could poorly reflect upon your business. Most importantly, as an enlightened person, you cannot let this happen.

Hence it would help best if you selected a printer that has a commitment to save nature. No matter if you live in the United States, United Kingdom, or any other part of Europe, there are a number of printing hubs that prevent pollution and ensure the efficient application of natural resources. And such a hub must have some accreditations. These are as follows:

  • FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
  • PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

Printers with any of the accreditations offer recycled paper and eco-friendly inks to print your marketing collateral. This endeavour is nothing but for saving the environment. When you urge a printer to show such accreditation, you actually contribute to nature.

Choose the Right Format to Align with Your Job

Here format means the type of printing press your intended printing company uses. The reason is, it will determine the cost. At the same time, the quality of your job and the turnaround time depends on it. So it has enormous importance.

Let us become specific. If you ask, many digital printers can provide you with expected quality results at an affordable price for low volume print runs, e.g. 200 copies. Else, printers can turn around them faster from receipt of the artwork.

However, you will find litho printing more affordable than digital printing for a large-scale printing solution. This printing method assures consumers of a higher quality print. Besides, it provides them with special finishes or print effects such as foil or spot colour!

What to See While Dealing with MPS

It is wise to work with a Managed Print Services Provider (MPS). You might be wondering to look at the phrase MPS. However, you should know that the MPS will reach a market value of nearly $60 billion by 2025. And whenever you deal with a MPS, especially look for two things. Let us discuss them below.


A managed print service provider gives utmost efforts to improve your print solutions. Such a provider is an apt option for those who need continuous, long-term service. You had better see if they can –

  • align with you in respect of growth and strategies
  • provide you with progressive print software
  • improve the efficacy of your print fleet
  • help reduce print costs
  • improve employee training and awareness
  • reduce carbon footprint
  • reduce waste printing


A managed print service provider is beneficial in terms of value, return on investment (RoI), and overall business development. Therefore you better leave no stone unturned to find a provider that meets your demand and works as a real partner. Partnership bridges the gap between two parties and ensures faster prosperity. Such an MPS will anticipate changing needs and take your business to the next level.

In regard to this, it would help if you went for an organisation that is roughly the same size as yours. Chances are there that an unequal partner will not give you proper importance.

However, if you are big enough, you may opt for a large MPS provider without any hesitation. This sort of provider can make you happy with the latest technologies, more personalised solutions, and better communication.

To Sum Up

Now you know how to choose best printing service provider in detail. If you compromise any of the criteria we mentioned above, you may lose quality. We are pretty sure that you don’t want to do this. Yeah, the world is indeed going to be paperless to a large extent. However still, printing solutions will significantly survive. Hopefully, this guide will suffice. Have a good day!


Question: How Long Does Online Printing Take?

Answer: The online printers employ advanced automated processes and batch printing. This ensures quickened service. Generally, it takes merely a few days or a simple printing solution such as photo prints or business cards. And for more complex items such as large canvas prints, exceptionally shaped invitation cards, or business cards, it may take up to two weeks.

Question: What is the turnaround time?

Answer: Printers turn your order into the finished products following a tight deadline. They can perform such a duty within a day or a few hours if you want and pay thereby.

Question: Is everything done in-house?

Answer: Well, it may vary. Most of the printing companies have their own print shop. Some of them rely on outsourcing for some materials.


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