How to use a Panasonic Lumix Camera As a Webcam


Hi everyone today I just wanted to go through the Lumix tethering software. And how you can use it with your Lumix camera to use the video stream to work with zoom or Skype. For video conferencing or video calls or things like that. I’m super excited I’m so glad that they’ve released a beta version of this software it saves having to buy separate webcams. Or other USB connecting devices which were quite costly and never guaranteed to work. So first of all before you download this software please check that your firmware is up-to-date. You can do so by going through the menu in your camera under setup there should be an option for a firmware version.

And you can click on it how to update the firmware on your camera you just click on the procedure here. And basically, all it’s saying is that you extract the zip file that you just downloaded onto a formatted memory card. And then you put that memory card in your camera you fire up the camera and in that same setup. Menu where you checked the firmware version you just need to click on the firmware update.




The extraction of the zip file will give you a dot bin or a dot P R left file depending on the model of your camera. And once you’ve moved this to the memory card you just click on step two and essentially all you need to do once. You’ve put in the memory card and fired up the camera clicks on the menu set button. and then select a firmware version in the menu in the setup menu.

And then select a firmware update it will ask you if you want to update you click yes. And then you should have a firmware update in progress notification with a progress bar once. This completed the camera will restart and there you have it you’ll have your updated firmware version. On your camera, so you’ve updated the firmware or you already had updated firmware the next thing to do is to download the tethering software.

Now for this, you’ll need to put in the 11 digital alphanumeric code in order to get to the download page. But you’ll find this code on the underside of your camera so just key in that number and then click on download. The software and install it next up download OBS for either Windows Mac or Linux and additionally. You’re going to want to download the OBS virtual cam so once you’ve done all of this just launch the Lumix tethering software. It’s going to start looking for the camera I have hooked up my camera via USB see on the camera side.

For Videos


To USB hello 3.0 on the laptop side. So you can see it’s working and there is a bunch of information on the right-hand side of the screen. Here to get rid of that you just click on this full-screen button here but before you do so make sure. That you ensure that the live stream quality is fine. Because by default it’s normally under the standard. So just make sure it’s on fine and there are other things that you can play around with here. B

But let’s just keep it simply click on the full-screen button and it will get rid of that information on the right-hand side of the screen. So that’s the streaming aspect dealt with next up you’re going to want to launch your OBS software. And you’re just going to have a blank screen like this so you want to head over to the sources window.

Click on ads and go to window capture just click on OK and then by default it’s chosen the Lumix live view. There are loads of other windows here like Google Chrome and there’s another option for the Lumix tether of DC. S1h just pick the live view and once you’ve picked that click on now by default. The screen is not the same size as the window ideally. You want this completely encompassing so just drag this square.

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