12 Reasons Why You Should Not Be Ashamed of Buying Travel Souvenirs

Importance of Souvenirs


Every trip is one of a kind. Regardless of whether it’s a local or an international trip, for sure, you want it to be the best one yet. When you travel, your goal is to relax, enjoy and explore the world, seeing it from different, beautiful angles. It’s a wonderful time to discover new places and weave fantastic memories together with the people you love. Speaking of memories, one of the trip essentials that ensures you won’t forget your lovely holidays are travel souvenirs.

There are diverse kinds of them. Some travel souvenirs are in the form of shirts, jackets, caps, hats and other garments, wherein the name of the city or country is written or embroidered somewhere on them. Others are bags, pouches and wallets with patterns filled with locally hand-made designs. You can also find big and fragile items, including vases, plates, shot glasses, bowls, paintings, mirrors and various home decorations. Keychains and refrigerator magnets are among the most common (or the representative) travel souvenirs that every country and local tourist destination have.

It’s so fun and exciting when you enter a souvenir shop. The vibe, the mood, the thrill — they are exceptionally there in that keepsake hub. Although you might exit the store with a long receipt, it’s actually worth it! Surprisingly though, some people are reluctant or ‘embarrassed’ of buying these souvenirs, when in fact anyone should appreciate them and not hesitate to buy them as they travel. There’s nothing to be shy about purchasing or even hoarding these mementos! Want to know why?

Here are 12 reasons why you should not be ashamed of buying travel souvenirs!

1 – It’s your first trip ever.

Beautiful firsts are unforgettable, especially your first trip ever.

Everyone has a bag of favorite trips, and oftentimes, your first trip is included in it. Usually, when people are asked about their most cherished travel experience, many, if not most, of them say that it’s their first trip. That’s not only because it’s the first thing that pops into their minds but also because the bliss of first trips, especially abroad, is unmatched!

It’s a time when you are totally an alien to how traveling is done and enjoyed. You reach that peak tourist mode when it’s your first time to go on a wonderful trip. This first trip is the gateway to making more fantastic travel memories! To take note of this special life event, getting travel souvenirs is a must!

2 – It’s your first time visiting that place.

If it’s not your first trip, maybe it’s your first time visiting that splendid tourist destination! You have never seen this place in person until you decided to take a trip to it. You are just so astounded that it actually looks even more majestic than what photos on the Internet display. That’s a good reason to buy travel souvenirs.

3 – You saved up money for that trip.

While some people are in reality just so rich to travel anytime they want, some people work hard and grind for their needs first, then for the chance to travel too. Going on leisure trips is so easy-peasy for those who can afford to do so anytime, but not everyone is like that.

If you’re on the pole opposite to those who travel anytime anywhere, then you surely save up money for trips you wish to enjoy. Yes, you deserve a rejuvenating getaway after spending all your efforts and time for work and other life responsibilities! And since you saved up money for that trip, don’t be reluctant to buy travel souvenirs to remember this significant occasion of yours! Indeed, it’s an important vacation because it’s made happen by your own money from your own sweat and labor.

4 – You traveled for a special celebration.

Some people choose to travel only when they have a special occasion to celebrate, usually with their family and loved ones. If you can relate, you know how heartwarming this trip feels. It’s a time to commemorate a remarkable date or to be thankful for big or small achievements. Don’t hesitate to let travel souvenirs be one of your proofs that you really have made these special festivities even more special and festive!

5 – You want a solid and tangible remembrance.

Trips are much more enjoyed to the fullest when you live in the moment and make memories without regrets! Truly, everlasting memories are the best keepsakes from every trip. They cannot be compared and replaced by anything.

But it would be extra meaningful if along with making great travel memories, you also have mementos to take out of your dusty chest at home whenever you feel like remembering the good old days. When you want a solid and tangible remembrance, go buy travel souvenirs! They are excellent tokens that prove not only to yourself but to the people you show them to that you have remembrances from your beloved trips.

6 – You’re buying the souvenirs with your own money.

Some people are shy or embarrassed about what people would say if they buy a lot of travel souvenirs, but seriously, you don’t need their opinion! You’re purchasing these items with your own money and not with theirs, so just relish the time, and shop all you can. As long as you have enough or extra budget to get travel souvenirs, there’s no problem at all!

7 – Travel souvenirs may be in your collection.

Are you collecting memories? That’s brilliant! Are you collecting travel souvenirs as you collect memories? That’s superb! Different people have different interests, and many have collections of stuff they admire a lot. Your collection could be travel souvenirs, like ref magnets, ceramics and shirts among the most common. If you’re a collector of travel tokens, you definitely love souvenir shops! These places are like home to you. Enjoy your collection and the trips that make it happen!

8 – Your itinerary is an iconic tourist spot.

You’d need more than a day to visit all tourist spots in the city or country of your trip. Typically, you will prioritize the famous ones, the locations that most tourists rave about, that have gone viral on social media, or that have been widely recognized for their distinct beauty and the experience they offer.

If your travel itinerary is an iconic tourist spot, buying travel souvenirs is like an automatic thing to do. You would not be able to resist when you see those cute and heart-shaking travel keychains!

9 – Souvenirs are certainly for tourists!

Whether some people like it or not, travel souvenirs are certainly for tourists! Of course, locals do not need these mementos because they live in that place, or they can drop by anytime they please. But as for you, who’s a traveler, you get just one chance. If you get more, it’s very rare.

10 – You love traveling!

If you’re somebody who loves traveling, souvenirs are one of the best things to remind you of the many places you’ve gone to and of the many experiences you’ve delighted in. Sometimes, when you’ve visited so many countries and cities, you forget some of the outstanding details. Let these travel souvenirs help you recall them!

11 – It could be your last visit there.

Aside from first trips or visits, last trips and visits are also memorable. It’s the time when you do what you want to do in that place without hesitation because it’s going to be your last chance to do so. Why? Maybe that tourist spot is too far from your country, or that trip is just a free treat by your university or company, and you don’t know if you will ever have the chance to travel there again.

12 – Souvenirs are loved by loved ones back home too.

Last but not the least, travel souvenirs are fabulous gift ideas for your loved ones back home too. If ever you don’t really like to keep these items, don’t worry because your family, relatives or friends love them! You can surprise them with these mementos and make them know you’ve never forgotten about them even during your trip. Although you’re the only one who traveled, they will feel like they’re with you!


It’s some sort of a hard-to-understand mystery why there are travelers who feel like getting travel souvenirs is corny, boring or a waste of money. Some people feel embarrassed about it when the truth is that it’s super normal, and it’s actually one of the best things to do when you go on a fun trip! The list above has just proven that you really should not be ashamed of purchasing them and that you must not cringe at people who love travel souvenirs too.

Completely enjoy your trips. Buy one or more travel souvenirs as you please! As long as you have an extra budget for them, why not?! They are terrific items that will always remind you of your favorite trips no matter how many years have passed. In the future, you will even realize that you’ll have to thank yourself for buying those travel souvenirs!

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