5 Most Common Beginner Hiking Mistakes to Avoid


You’re excited to go on your first hike. Everything is packed, and you can’t wait to explore nature and make some new memories. You’re probably also updated on what you should do to make the most out of your trip, but do you know what you shouldn’t do?

Sometimes, knowing the mistakes to avoid is equally important to understand what you should do. Some mistakes have the potential to ruin your trip and cause injury. You don’t want this happening on your first hike. So, what common beginner mistakes should you avoid on your first hiking trip? Let’s find out!

Carrying the Wrong Hiking Equipment

Picture a scenario where you have to hike up a mountain, and you’re in the wrong shoes or clothes. The climb is bound to be extremely uncomfortable, and you’ll probably complain and hate the experience every step of the way. The most common mistake can be carrying the wrong hiking equipment, so using the best hiking subscription box for yourself is recommended.

These subscription boxes often include the gear you need, some hiking tips, and sometimes even suggestions for activities to engage in. However, the hiking gear is the most important thing you’ll get in your subscription box.

The boxes are put together by hiking experts who know exactly what you need. Therefore, instead of racking your brain trying to figure out what to carry and ending up with the wrong thing, why not leave the heavy lifting to the experts? 

Not Eating and Hydrating Enough

Your first hiking trip will probably not be easy. You’ll be pushing your body to its limit for the first time, and it’s bound to push back. Chances are you’ll feel exhausted at the end of the hike, and all you’ll want to do is erect your tent and retire to bed. Don’t make this rookie mistake.

Hydrating and eating plenty of food during and after your hike is of the utmost importance. You see, when your body lacks the essential nutrients it needs, you’ll feel lethargic, and you’ll probably not enjoy the trip the next day.

Therefore, ensure you have plenty of water and snacks to munch on while you hike and have a healthy, nutritious meal at the end of the hike before you go to bed.


Most beginner hikers are overzealous packers. They go over the top with what they bring on the trip, and it ends up dragging them behind. The last thing you need on a hike is unnecessary baggage. Carrying unnecessary stuff only increases your load and makes the hike less fun.

Carry only what you need for your hiking trip and evaluate your packing list before embarking on the trip. Reduce the number of clothes, food, gadgets, and extra stuff that you may not end up using. A little goes a long way on a hiking trip.

Underestimating the Hike

Most beginners assume a hike will be easy because they’re fit, or it looks relatively easy to handle. This rookie mistake leads to inadequate planning, which creates room for many setbacks and unforeseen circumstances.

For instance, if you’re underestimating how hard it’s going to be to climb a mountain, you’ll probably carry less water or food and end up depleting your resources midway. Such situations make the hike harder than it needs to be.

Therefore, while some hikes are easier than others, it’s always advisable to prepare adequately for each without overestimating your abilities.

Not Considering the Weather

Weather changes can ruin your entire trip if you’re not well prepared. Unfortunately, most beginners don’t plan around the weather and end up facing challenges on their hike. Don’t make this rookie mistake. Make sure to check the forecast and plan around it. This way, you’re always prepared.

Also, find out the best time to hike, depending on the weather. Some mountains recommend early summits if they’re expecting heavy rains in the afternoon. Therefore, research and speak to the locals so you can ensure you have all the information you need before you begin your hike.

Wrapping Up

Experience is the best teacher, they say. However, some experiences can ruin your liking for something forever. For instance, a bad first hiking experience may give you the wrong perception of hiking, making you avoid the activity going forward.

However, if you familiarize yourself with some of the common mistakes beginners make, you’re less likely to repeat the same. Understanding mistakes to avoid goes a long way in helping you plan a safe and enjoyable hike that has minimal hiccups. Therefore, consider these mistakes when you’re headed to your next hike, and you should have a simpler time than most beginners. 

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