Quiz of The Week: 19 -25 February


A one-minute silence was observed across the UK this morning as the world marks the first anniversary of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Announcing the 11am moment of silence, Rishi Sunak said that Britain was paying “tribute to the incredible bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people”. The prime minister was expected to urge fellow leaders to “move faster” in arming Ukraine in order to end the war, during a G7 virtual meeting today.

Following a year of bloodshed, the Russian invasion has irrevocably changed the world’s geopolitical landscape. A newly published study by the European Council on Foreign Relations has warned of a deepening divide between the West and the rest of the world, as a “new consensus” emerges between the US and European nations that “only a Ukrainian victory will stop Putin’s war”. 

To find out how closely you’ve been paying attention to the latest developments in the news and other global events, put your knowledge to the test with our Quiz of The Week

1. A 4ft-long alligator captured in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park has been nicknamed what?

  • Mr Croc
  • Razor
  • Arnie
  • Godzilla

2. Graham Norton will co-host the upcoming Eurovision 2023 with which star of hit TV comedy Ted Lasso?

  • Brett Goldstein
  • Hannah Waddingham
  • Jason Sudeikis
  • Juno Temple

3. A new study suggests that which rodents may hold the key to reversing the human menopause?

  • Naked mole-rats
  • Muskrats
  • Murids
  • Gerbils

4. A survey of funeral directors reportedly found that bizarre final requests included a British man asking his family to eat what following his death?

  • His pet dog
  • His body weight in caviar 
  • His most-hated foods 
  • His body

5. Netflix adaptation All Quiet on the Western Front is being tipped for Oscars glory after winning how many Baftas?

6. Environment Secretary Therese Coffey faced ridicule for suggesting that Brits eat which seasonal vegetable amid food shortages?

  • Turnips
  • Parsnips
  • Radishes
  • Carrots

7. Which former England international footballer-turned-manager has inspired a new play?

  • Wayne Rooney
  • Frank Lampard
  • Gareth Southgate
  • Steven Gerrard

8. Books by which children’s author are being revised to make them more “palatable” to modern readers?

  • Philip Pullman
  • David Walliams
  • Roald Dahl
  • Judy Blume

9. Support for SNP leadership front-runner Kate Forbes collapsed after she said what?

  • She would have have voted against same-sex marriage
  • She doesn’t think Scottish independence is likely 
  • She supported Brexit
  • She opposes free meals for primary school children

10. What is the “germiest” place in the kitchen, according to a new study?

  • Tap handles
  • Chopping board
  • Knife rack
  • Spice jars

Quiz tile

1.  Godzilla
Godzilla was “lethargic” and “cold-shocked” after being spotted and hauled out of a lake by New York park workers, said officials. The alligator was believed to be an abandoned pet.

2. Hannah Waddingham

Longtime Eurovision commentator Norton will also share hosting duties with Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina and TV personality Alesha Dixon at the song contest in Liverpool, which is hosting the event on behalf of last year’s winners, Ukraine.

3. Naked mole-rats

US scientists found that unlike other mammals, female naked mole-rats produce eggs throughout their lives – a discovery that could offer clues to how to prolong human fertility.

4His body

The SunLife study revealed that the unnamed family were “told in no uncertain terms” that they could not eat their loved one at his funeral, said the Daily Star, “as cannibalism is illegal in the UK”.

5. Seven

The German-language adaptation of Erich Maria Remarque’s 1929 novel was nominated in 14 categories and won Best Film, but has been dismissed by German critics as “war kitsch”. Find out more with The Week Unwrapped podcast.

6. Turnips

Coffey said the UK should “cherish” homegrown seasonal foods such as turnips, after being questioned in the Commons about salad ingredient shortages that have been blamed on poor weather in southern Europe and North Africa.

7. Gareth Southgate

England manager Southgate will be played by Joseph Fiennes in Dear England, a play penned by James Graham about the national team that will debut at the National Theatre this summer.

8. Roald Dahl

Publisher Puffin is overseeing a series of rewrites to ensure Dahl’s books “can continue to be enjoyed by all today”.  But critics have been enraged by changes that mean “Augustus Gloop is no longer fat, Mrs Twit is no longer fearfully ugly, and the Oompa-Loompas have gone gender-neutral”, said The Telegraph.

9She would have have voted against same-sex marriage

Key backers withdrew their support from Finance Minister Forbes after she told Channel 4 that owing to her religious beliefs, she would not have supported same-sex marriage if she had been an MSP when it became law in Scotland in 2014. She subsequently apologised for any “hurt or offence” caused by her comments.

10. Spice jars

Research commissioned by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) found that while other kitchen surfaces showed evidence of cross-contamination about 20% of the time, spice containers were contaminated nearly half the time.

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