How to Make Money on Steam in 2022


The gaming and marketplace Steam from Valve remains one of the most polar places to buy games.

What is the popularity phenomenon of Steam:

  1. A huge selection of games – there are very few publishers who do not cooperate with the site. Often this is due to an attempt to develop their own platform, and not some personal beliefs.
  2. Having a mobile version is a very convenient addition to the main platform. For some reason, so far only Valve have come up with the idea to supplement their site with a mobile application – reply to friends, add a new game to your library without touching your computer, and other conveniences.
  3. The economic component – on the Steam platform there is an opportunity not only to spend money, but also to earn money if everything is done correctly. The ability to exchange and trade between players and make Steam among other competitors

Today we will discuss the main ways to make money on Steam. To spend money on games, buy update in Destiny 2 season 18, or withdraw them to your wallet, everyone decides for himself.

Resale items

Many games presented on the Steam site have their own internal item market. They are divided by value and, accordingly, cost.

Our task is to find goods that cost little, but are put up for sale rather than knowing their real value.


In CS:GO, developers time the release of special cards – stickers – that can be applied to weapons for each major tournament.

Many players thoughtlessly sculpt them on any weapon and put them on the marketplace, and since Steam itself offers a minimum cost for a quick sale, players sell good weapons at a deliberately low price.

What we need to do:

  1. We select weapons that we will look for according to our financial capabilities. You won’t be able to buy a rare WUA because it will cost at least $10 or even $100. In the search, we prescribe the Sticker and sort the products.
  2. It is important to find products with a sticker that are listed at the market value of conventional weapons, or even cheaper. We buy it and put it up with a markup of 15 to 150%, depending on the value and popularity of the weapon and sticker. We wait.

Payday 2

The arcade heist simulator still has its audience. But not everyone thinks that the game has several mechanics that allow not only to customize your character, but also to earn some money.

Payday 2 has a weapon system similar to CS:GO, when the player is offered a large set of decorations and modifications to familiar rifles.

The game has various game modes – difficult, where the robbery lasts in several stages, and simple, where the task is solved in 5-10 minutes. The reward is random, and we need to make more attempts to earn money, since not everything on Payday 2 can be sold.

We are primarily interested in safes – this is an analogue of cases in CS:GO with a variety of rewards. Cases drop out quite often and are quickly bought up on the trading floor.


PUBG has a weekly system of receiving coins for participating in game activities and buying special cases, from which you can get a random reward.

The advantage for the player is that you can get really valuable things for resale for free, but there will also be cases that open with a special key that costs about two dollars (hello CS GO). We immediately sell such cases to the trading platform. We are not interested in investments with dubious chances of payback.

Dota 2

DotA has an extensive set of items that can be sold and exchanged, but there are a lot of specifics.

Firstly, the items in it are harder to get in principle, but they are sold quickly enough.

In Dota, a battle pass is released once a year, dedicated to the International and periodic updates that bring new modes.

The Battle Pass is not suitable for us because it requires a good investment of effort, time and sometimes even money, in addition, you need to wait until things become available for sale and wait out the wave of sales of these goods for next to nothing due to their huge number. I do not recommend buying, they will cost a penny for a very long time.

But game modes such as Halloween or Christmas will often be marked by additional rewards that can be transferred, and therefore sold on the marketplace. This is what we need. Let the chests be opened by professional players and streamers, by the way, they will buy your drop when put on the marketplace.

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