5 Reasons To Get Into Boating

If you’ve never gotten into boating, you’re missing out on one of the best adventures you could possibly have. You might think boating is just for people who like to fish or cruise around, but there are so many things you can do with a boat. 

Boating is a popular sport and pastime for a reason. If you’re on the fence, here are some of the best reasons to get into boating.

  1. Boating can be eco-friendly

You might be hesitant to get into boating because it requires burning diesel fuel that also contaminates the water. If you’re of the eco-friendly mindset, this is a huge problem because there isn’t anything environmentally-friendly about a diesel engine.

However, you don’t have to use diesel fuel to power a boat. You can opt for manual power and get a row boat or a sailboat. You can also still cruise with a motor if you get an electric inboard motor. You’ll preserve the environment and save money on gas at the same time.

Despite their cheaper price, marine diesel engines create a lot of air pollution. You can expect to spend more on an electric inboard motor, but the benefits outweigh the expense.

  1. It’s relaxing to be out on the water

You know how good it feels to lie down in your bed after a long day at work? You can get that same feeling – only better – out on the water. You don’t even need to go very far. All you need to do is find a body of water and drift out a little bit. Being on the water will be one of the most relaxing experiences you’ll ever have.

Whether you choose to fish, read a book, or take a nap, being on the water will make you feel good and rested. If it’s hot out, bring an umbrella for shade, cold water, and some sunscreen and you’ll be good.

  1. You don’t have to be rich to go boating

You’ve probably heard it’s expensive to own a boat. First you have to buy the boat, but then you have to maintain it year-round, which is the biggest expense. Then, you have to pay for docking and regular maintenance. You can easily spend thousands of dollars per year just maintaining your boat when you aren’t even using it.

Boats can be expensive, but not always. It depends on the kind of boat you buy and whether or not you rent it out when you’re not using it. For instance, a large boat that has to stay docked in a marina will be more expensive to maintain than a small motorboat you can store on a trailer in your driveway or garage.

If you don’t have excessive funds for your boat, keep it simple. Buy a boat you can store on your property that won’t need constant attention.

  1. Fishing is better from a boat

Do you already love to fish? Do you head out to the pier to fish, or toss your line out from the shore? There’s nothing wrong with fishing from land, but fishing from a boat is so much more fun. You can catch some better fish too.

When you fish from a pier, you’re limited in how far you can cast your net or line, and that means you’ll never reach the depths of the water where more of the good fish swim. With a boat, you can head out to some really good fishing spots and catch a larger variety of fish, including those sought-after “trophy catches.”

  1. Water sports with a boat are exciting

When you own a boat, you can do things like waterski, knee boarding, wakeboarding, tubing, and kite surfing. With the exception of kite surfing, all of these watersports are fun for the whole family, including younger children. Kids usually love trying knee boarding and tubing, and you can get inner tubes built for two people so there can always be an adult with the child.

If you’ve never tried any of these water sports, you’re missing out on an adventure. They all take time to get used to, but once it’s familiar, you can really enjoy the action.

Give boating a shot

If you’re looking for a new hobby or activity to enjoy with your family, give boating a chance. Start with a small boat and see how everyone likes it, and you can get a bigger boat if needed. Otherwise, enjoy your time on the water, whether you get a yacht or a simple motorboat.

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