How Do I Find A Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Most people assume they’ll never be accused of a crime and need a lawyer. But the truth is that even the most law-abiding citizens can be charged with criminal behavior. Some people are wrongfully accused, and there are many non-violent crimes that even generally upstanding citizens may commit in times of distress.

The criminal justice system is also set up to provide a fair trial to anyone accused of any crime. So, even if the accused is guilty, they still have a right to an attorney who will try the case to the best of their ability.

You deserve an attorney who will represent you well when you’re accused of a crime. And, while you will be provided an attorney no matter what, you have much higher odds of a better outcome if you find a criminal defense lawyer with experience and a good track record.

But how do you find the right criminal defense lawyer? Learn more about what to look for and how to find a lawyer in this guide. 

Helpful Tips On Finding A Good Defense Lawyer

When finding an experienced attorney, you can use some general tips regardless of what area of law they practice. But, you’ll also want to consider some particular circumstances and types of experience for criminal cases. 

First, let’s look at some general tips to follow when seeking out an attorney:

  • Look them up on official databases: If you’re trying to find an attorney, you want to ensure they are licensed to practice in the state. To do this, you can check out your state’s website. For example, if you live in Texas, go to the State Bar of Texas website
  • Get referrals from people you know: While finding a lawyer based on word of mouth is not always possible, it doesn’t hurt to ask people in your network for referrals. Ask family and friends if they’ve heard of any good lawyers. 
  • Contact a few different lawyers: Once you’ve narrowed your search to some attorneys you feel good about, you can reach out to them specifically. While many lawyers are very busy, you’ll want to discuss essential details with them before moving forward. If they struggle with communicating or are slow to respond, they likely have too heavy of a caseload and won’t be a good fit. Keep in mind that some lawyers may charge a consultation fee.

Now, let’s consider some of the specific things to look for when seeking a criminal defense attorney:

  • Check the NACDL: The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers is an excellent resource for finding an experienced lawyer. You can search by state or city.
  • Consider budget: Finding an attorney within your budget is always a concern. However, you’ll want to double-check with your criminal defense lawyer about their rates. Some of these attorneys work with high-profile clients and may charge a lot more because of this. 

Finding A Lawyer With The Right Experience

When finding a criminal defense lawyer, you’ll want to work with someone who has specific experience in your type of case. An attorney specializing in white-collar crime has different skills than one specializing in more violent offenses. 

And, if you do believe you’re being wrongfully accused, you’ll want to work with an attorney who is sympathetic to your cause. 

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to move forward with finding a criminal defense attorney who is right for your case. 

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