Some Mistakes that newly developed teams should avoid when

Software outsourcing

A software development outsourcing team is a major asset of any organization. Once a company understands the process of getting the best value for money from the development team, they remove every possible shortcoming in the existing team to maximize their productivity and get projects off the ground in a very budget-friendly manner.

Outsourcing software development is a rapidly growing practice in today’s world of technology. However, it is not a new practice but gaining popularity due to its benefits and advantages. Hiring and maintaining an in-house team requires effort and budget. For example, if a task can be done without paying for employees, hardware, and software costs, who wouldn’t want it. There are dozens of benefits of outsourcing, but new and inexperienced teams make some mistakes while choosing a outsource company that can cause them to fail.

Suppose you are a member of a newly developed software team or leading a new group. Here we present some mistakes to look out for when choosing an outsourcing company.

You do not understand Your True Goal.

The most important thing is to have a clear vision of what you want your software or app to do and how to get there? These things must be defined in the project scope beforehand starting the project. Clear, realistic, and well-defined project scope makes the whole process a super smooth experience. It helps your outsource team complete the task on time and deliver the product you envision. Consider the following things while planning your project to define what you want to accomplish within the outsourced relationship, and you stand an excellent chance of a successful launch.

Are you starting from the beginning or working on an existing solution?

  • Will the app use smartphone hardware?
  • Do you need the software to be compatible with existing solutions?
  • Do you think the app is intended for internal use or are customers able to use it? Do you intend to sell it?
  • Do you have an idea of the source code that you are planning to use?
  • What, if any, are your industry-specific regulations?

If you clearly define your goals for the outsourcing relationship, you have a great chance of launching a successful project.

Lack of Trust; spoils things

Trusting someone means that you rely on someone else to do the right thing. You believe in the integrity and strength of the person you are working with. Even in business, it can make or break relations. It is necessary to trust the person you work with. The development process requires a solid foundation that can only be made by people who trust one another and fully invest themselves in making the process successful.

Trust is built over time, and it is common to assume that you can work with someone without trusting them. For the best results, it is mandatory to have a bond of trust with the person or company you have outsourced. New teams lack in trusting the process and want things to be done as fast as possible. Do not assume things at the early stages when you have selected the outsourcing company, such a

  • Are they capable of doing the job?
  • How will this affect my career?
  • Why do they ask so many questions?
  • Do I have time to help them?

If you have a relationship of trust established, a trustworthy partner will be honest and open; they will tell you the minute they realize they’re not on track.

Not budgeting properly

Outsourcing tends to reduce the cost of software development, but the quality should not be compromised. Price is crucial in outsourcing, but it is not a cheap process. Discuss your budget with the service provider at the initial stages of a project there quote and your budget should match. Consult different companies before selecting one and assess their costs. Going for the cheapest company that promises who claims to provide everything on time, while other companies say they can’t is one of the worst mistakes you can make.

Not researching all of Your Choices

New teams sometimes fail to research all the companies. Hence they can lose the best option. Researching about all the companies of the same industry that might help you complete your task is necessary. It would help if you looked for all the possible options it would result in the selection of the best. Ask the outsourcing company for recent case studies and check if they fulfill your requirements. Check if the company has worked with businesses and industries similar to yours? Do their previous work examples clearly explain the goals and the solution of clients? Remember, coding isn’t everything. You need someone to fulfill your dreams.

We are not discussing timelines and expectations.

Unreasonable timelines and expectations have been the most common problem in outsourcing partnerships. Every software development has unpredictable challenges that can have an impact on the defined timeline. As a customer, it is mandatory to set a project timeline and business goals. Assessing technical aspects, risks, and resources needed to meet your timeline and provide alternative plans and tradeoffs is the job of the outsourcing partner.

The major cause of this problem is poor communication or a lack of trust. The customer becomes unaware of the challenges when the concerns of an expert aren’t listened to or if the expert doesn’t feel comfortable enough to speak openly. It delays the project’s timeline or output. Both parties should discuss the project timeframes, risks, and alternatives. What-if scenarios should be considered in light of possible scope reductions.

Betimes, customers focus too much on features and want to include them all in the first version, so the product fails to present the best results.

Not Including Your Technician

You do not include a technical person from your side, while outsourcing increases the risks for the company. Dealing directly with an outsourcing company without any technical knowledge can affect your project as it will be hard to understand and communicate. To ensure this is a smooth process, it is important to have someone tech-savvy at least in part. It is more than just ensuring that the work is completed correctly and is of high quality. It is also about being able set things straight. You must also have robust documentation with clear and concise requirements for your outsourced team or agency.

Focusing too much on some features

Everyone has a vision of the deliverable and what set of features they want in the final product. But as during the working process, it becomes obvious that some of the features are not relevant or reasonable. Sometimes, customers focus too much on features and want to include them all in the first version, so the product fails to present the best results.

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